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Coronet Square

This stunning home is one of 13 houses Millbrook Country Club is building in the heart of the new Coronet Nine development at Queenstown’s Millbrook Resort. Comprising of solid masonry construction, including concrete mid floor, the two-storey home is reached by a covered link from its garage.

The ground level comprises a bedroom and a long open-plan kitchen, dining and living space opening through banks of glass doors to a paved outdoor entertainment area sheltered by a steel-framed wooden pergola. The living area has a day bed in a sun bay window and an ingenious hideaway office. The groovy kitchen by the Garden City’s Ingrid Geldof Design is the icing on the cake. The master bedroom is one of two upstairs. Both have en suites; the master bedroom also features a walk in wardrobe and a balcony. Bathrooms are fully tiled with porcelain and furnished with stone-topped, solid oak vanities and double showers.

And no matter how chilly it feels outside in the Millbrook air, you’re toasty warm inside. Snugly insulated, the home has a thermally broken slab, Thermal Heart windows, underfloor heating, radiators and a cheery open fire. This project was a huge success and our team was awarded the Gold Reserve National Finalist and National Winner in 2010.