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Natura Veritas

Two L-shaped forms connected by a glass atrium create the courtyard at the warm heart of Natura Veritas. Sympathetic to its environment in both design and materials, the house is as magnificent as its Lake Hayes and Remarkables views. While schist and cedar weatherboard ground it firmly in the landscape, its sloping Eurotray roof appears to float above walls of high level glass. 

Despite its transparency, it’s cosy house.  It addition to wall and ceiling insulation it has heated ceiling panels, underfloor heating, tow schist-clad gas open fires and heat pump piping for future use.

The fully glazed open –plan kitchen, dining and living space forms one side of the internal courtyard where a LouvreTec pergola roof covers a timber deck set in lawn. 

Kitchen and scullery have hour Fisher and Paykel dish drawers and two Vintec wine fridges between them, oak cabinetry and black granite tops. Bathroom cabinetry and bench tops are of oak and granite too, and the freestanding stone spoon bath in the master en suite has, one hell of a view.