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Millbrook Estate

This home, situated in the Millbrook Estate, is made up of a cluster of buildings broken into individual units and spread over the 1,200 square meter site. Inside the buildings are the living, dining and kitchen spaces, with bathrooms and an attached garage. There are three bedrooms in the main complex, a bunkroom sleeping eight and four bathrooms across the complex. 

Internal finishes are a mix of traditional and contemporary. Painted vertical panelled walls are next to stone veneer and monolithic painted flat surfaces. A glass staircase leads to a mezzanine floor floating over the kitchen while timber stairs climb to the bedrooms. Electronic systems within the house control heating, lighting, audio and visual via LCD touch screens while single soft touch control pads replace switches.

Stainless steel, white corian, black veneer and graphic glass are used to highlight the custom Italian joinery while painted lacquer is used on concealed built in units.

Millbrook quarry stone is used on two gable forms and again on connecting walls. Plaster offsets the stone texture, painted in a tone reflecting the surrounding landscape. Glass is used to reflect the open space of the surrounding landscape while opening to the view beyond

This stunning property enables luxurious living while catering for a large number of people, all within a beautiful setting.