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Crown Range Home

The home has been built on a very exposed site with stunning panoramic views.The interior has a resort style ambience, yet it still maintains very good functionality in terms of its layout and how it works. It has a real homely, comfortable feel and the design and detail in terms of craftsmanship is excellent. The kitchen is a master chef kitchen in the true sense. It is huge, very well designed and finished to an impeccable standard.

What does the client say...

"Our house was built by AJ Saville while we were living abroad. The overall quality of the work and attention to detail was second to none. We have considerable experience with home construction and could not recommend AJ Saville more highly - in fact, I only wish there were AJ Saville clones elsewhere. Not only was the build quality excellent, we have had super 'after sales' support and that is rare indeed". 

Comment from owner